November 2020

Happy 27th Anniversary to Mom and Dad, Happy 43rd Anniversary to Brian and Rosemary, Happy Birthday to Chris, Julia and Cosmo

This Month’s News…

Mom, Dad and Pop-Pop had a night out at the Vienna Inn.  Pop-Pop hadn’t been there in quite some time, but he said that nothing much has changed over the years, except it is less of a dive bar than it was back in the “Mike & Molly” days.  Seating capacity in the Inn was limited due to the Pandemic, so they found a table at the “Outside Inn,” a large open air tent on the property. 

Cosmo the Pug had his first birthday this month.  And he celebrated by getting stuck under the lounge chair in the family room, which resulted in a wide ranging search as he choose to remain silent for an hour or so.

Dad hosted a Fagerli Brothers Reunion this month.  A good time was had by all, especially after consumption of a few alcoholic beverages.

Congrats to Brian and Svetlana.  They had planned a traditional June wedding, but the nasty COVID-19 Virus said “No Way.”  They finally “Tied the Knot” on October 30th.

That’s it for this month.  Have a Great Thanksgiving and don’t forget to wash your hands, wear those masks and practice social distancing.

This Month’s Pictures…

See you next month...

Ross & Owen

Never Forget!