Duty on the Frontier

Emil S. Reinhardt (1848 – 1931)

Pvt, US Army 1867 -1870

Fort Phil Kearny, Dakota Territory
Fort Phil Kearny, Dakota Territory
Emil S. Reinhardt was my great grandfather.  He emigrated to the United States from Germany in 1863.  On 23 August 1867, he enlisted in the US Army in Philadelphia, PA.  Until 8 July 1869, he was assigned to Company A of the 27th US Infantry.  He served at Fort Phil Kearny in the Dakota Territory until it was abandoned in 1868 per the terms of the Treaty of Fort Laramie (1868) and burned to the ground by Indians (thought to be Cheyennes) shorty thereafter.  Emil was transferred to Company B, 9th US Infantry on 8 July 1869 and served in this unit until his discharge at Fort Sedgwick, Colorado Territory upon expiration of his term of service on 23 August 1870.  During his time at Fort Sedgwick, the 9th US Infantry performed guard duty protecting workers from Indian attacks as they built the Union Pacific Railroad.

From a copy of US Army Register of Enlistments, dated August 1867:

  • Last Name – Reinhardt
  • First Name – Emil
  • Date of Enlistment – 23 August 1867
  • Place of Enlistment – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Birth Place – Baden, Germany
  • Age – 21
  • Occupation – Laborer
  • Eyes – Blue
  • Hair – Brown
  • Complexion – Fair
  • Height – 5 feet 5 inches
  • Regiment/Company -27th Infantry/A, 9th Infantry/B
  • Date of Discharge – 23 August 1870 upon expiration of term of service
  • Place of Discharge -Fort Sedgwick, Colorado Territory

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Note – Age is recorded as 21 on enlistment records, but other known sources show Emil S. Reinhardt was born on 7 March 1848.