Point #11

Many years ago, the company I worked for had a contract with the US Customs Service (USCS) to upgrade and modernize their data communications network.  One of the initial contract tasks was perform site surveys of USCS locations to determine facility upgrade and floor space needs or the new networking equipment and cabling.

One of the site surveys I participated in was the Port of Entry in Laredo, TX, which consisted of a number of buildings.  We had just finished the survey of the first building and were walking to the building next to it when one of our more enthusiastic survey team members pointed at the building and asked: “What’s that?”  The USCS agent that was leading us through the complex looked at him and said” “It’s a Building.”

Everbody had a good laugh about this exchange.  The team member said what he really wanted to know was what functions/organizations the building housed.  He asked the wrong question.  However, he did get the right answer.